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chuanghua 2 月 01, 2024

Diverse Tennis Balls: A Quick Guide

Tennis, a game celebrated for its variety, extends its diversity to the types of tennis balls used. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Pressureless Balls:

Ideal for practice, these balls maintain their bounce over time without a pressurized core, offering a cost-effective and lasting option.

  • High-Altitude Balls:

Specially crafted for locations with lower air pressure, these balls deliver a consistent bounce in challenging atmospheric conditions.

  • Regular Duty Balls:

The standard yellow-felted balls, perfect for clay and indoor courts, offering a balanced mix of bounce and durability.

  • Extra Duty Balls:

Tailored for hard courts, these balls boast a thicker felt to withstand the toughness of the surface, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Green Dot Balls:

Beginner-friendly with a lower bounce, these balls nurture skill development, providing a stepping stone for players transitioning to standard tennis balls.

In the diverse landscape of tennis balls, understanding these variations empowers players to choose the perfect ball for their game.

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