Big Bowling

Engin Strike: Pin-String Pinsetter Machine's Big Star

Engin Strike is our Big Bowling, which is Our Pin-string Pinsetter Machine’s big star, we created it base on our Mini Bowling using feedback and international standard, it lasts more than 6 years for us to complete its mechanical and electronics, and now we complete it with full range includes Basic lane system, international score system, Central Management System,order sytem and so on. Bowlers can enjoy our Engin Strike with your farourite mode, you can change lanes as you like, you can order your dessert, you can competition with your friends, you can snapshoot your coolest strike pose, you can share with all of your mates.

Pinsetter Box

Make with metallic meterials which covers almost 90% area of the machine. Pure mechanical drive to make the structure more stable and easier to understand, no need professional techncial also can operate for you. Pins Strings can force more than 50KG by each one. Features: Un-twist strings automatically; Startup Intelligent; No need Professional Workers standby operating; Error tips and fast fix easier; Troubleshot Intelligently;

Ball Lift Machine

Ball lift Machine was made since from 2010. and 2017 we used in our Mini Bowling and get very good feedback from market. It can use 6-10 years without any problem. Using Free-fall and make balls lift and down freely. Ball lift motor works with Chain running smoothly and speedy. Motor also easier operating as normally. Every 2 lanes use 1 mutual Ball lift machine,

Ball Return Machine

Ball Return Machine made with potential energy ball return system, it created from 2010, till now we used it more than 13 years. We optimized it with much more quiet motor and keep Balls fast return without scratching, without stuck balls. Inside of Ball Return Machine has fiber granting strain sensor which will stop working when your fingers into cover. it makes your safty. and Ball Return Motor works with Belt very quiet and gentle. Ball return ground rack made with synthetic materials instead of traditional steel materials to protect balls gloosy. Every 2 lanes use 1 mutual Ball return machine. Our color hood and rack make your facility much cooler.


Our lanes make with Anti-bette wooden board which can use 10 years at least. We supply glow lanes, like Rail Glow Lanes, Spot Glow Lanes, Full lane Glow, Net Glow lanes, and also customzed pattern is welcome. we also have many colors lanes for optional. Red, White, Blue, Grey, Black and also make as pantone color. Lanes need maintain with Conditional Oil 1 time every 1 month at least. to prolonger its using life also.

I-Beam and Lanes Fundation

Strong I-Beam as sub-fundation, we supply 10 years quality warranty. super strong and durable. I-Beam is easier for installation, even no our techncials, you can also fix it follow with our drawing instructions. I-Beam with more thickness and strong support for lanes track, and make bowlers rolling without high noisy. Gently and slowly and you will gain more and more strike.

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