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chuanghua 2 月 16, 2024

Introducing Our Tennis Simulator: Elevating Fun and Training to New Heights

Embark on a revolutionary tennis experience with our cutting-edge Tennis Simulator, a perfect fusion of entertainment and professional training. Designed to seamlessly transition between leisurely play and intense training sessions, our simulator offers a versatile platform catering to both recreational and serious tennis enthusiasts.

What sets our Tennis Simulator apart is its incorporation of educational features, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking to elevate their skills while enjoying the game.

Key Highlights:

  • Pitching machine serve multi-angle balls, Quick Shot, Fixed pointed Serve, High speed 1 ball out as 250ms;
  • Smart Sensor supply Real-time motion capture accurately and monitoring player’s ball flight speed, angles, scores and burnt calorie;
  • Competition with AI, VS with your teammate;
  • Fun games for more interactive experiences;
  • Players Ranking system;
  • Ordering system for Bar Restaurants and Pubs with much quicker revenue.

Ideal Settings:

Our sports simulators are suitable for Bars &Restaurants, Resorts, Entertainment Center, FECS, Sport Bars, Events etc. We would like to help you to realize your any ideas and concepts by cost-effective, making your sporting dreams a reality.

Experience it Yourself:

We extend a warm invitation to experience our tennis simulator firsthand. Whether you’re in Dubai or Guangzhou, China, visit us at DEAL show 2024 or company’s showroom to immerse yourself in the future of tennis simulation. Feel the excitement, learn the techniques, and enjoy a fusion of entertainment and education like never before.

Join us in Dubai or Guangzhou – where innovation meets recreation on the tennis court!

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